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  • Immunology Focus Group
  • Protective functions of genital tract neutrophilsNeutrophils in the female genital tract can release extracellular traps (NETs) containing DNA and proteins to inhibit HIV
    Marta Rodriguez-Garcia Lab
  • Immune responses to tumorsSpontaneous development of a tertiary lymphoid structure in a tumor
    Eric Sebzda Lab
  • Zika infection and offsrping healthNeutrophils of mouse pups of ZIKA-infected mothers have defective functions
    Jia-Hui Ding Lab
  • Immunomodulation via albumin hitchhikingVaccines that catch a ride to lymph nodes could generate efficient immune responses to fight diseases
    Haipeng Liu Lab
  • Epidermal Langerhans cellsReduced epidermal Langerhans cells in the aging skin
    Qing-Sheng Mi Lab
  • Immunological functions of pericytesPericytes regulate the acclimatization to low levels of hypoxia in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
    Paula Dore-Duffy Lab
  • Demystifying the function of IgDIgD amplifies innate and adaptive immunity by activating basophils
    Kang Chen Lab
  • miRNAs as biomarkers for diseasesIdentification of serum miRNA biomarkers for human autoimmune vitiligo
    Li Zhou Lab
  • Dendritic cells in the sensory organIntimate contacts between an intraepithelial dendritic cell with subbasal sensory nerve ending in the cornea
    Fu-shin Yu Lab
  • DNA vaccines for cancer immunotherapyExpression of luciferase after DNA electroporation into mouse tumors
    Wei-Zen Wei Lab
April Lecture1 Immunology Focus Group2 Genital tract neutrophils3 Immune responses to tumors4 Zika infection and offsrping health5 Immunomodulation via albumin hitchhiking6 Epidermal Langerhans cells7 Immunological Functions of Pericytes8 Demystifying the function of IgD9 miRNAs as biomarkers for diseases10 Dendritic cells in the sensory organ11 DNA Electrovaccination12
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Human Papillomavirus-Driven Immune Evasion in Head and Neck Cancer
Dohun Pyeon, Ph.D.
Department of Microbiology, Genetics, and Immunology
Michigan State University
Host: Jennifer Jacob, Wayne State University
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